Low Bed

The Bifarm Low Bed is a made-to-order unit. Please request an order consultation by filling out our assessment form here.

Direct Factory Price: $5,939 USD

The Low Bed runs full-featured high-pressure aeroponics, with built-in root temperature control and automated nutrient intake and drain. With 32 sq. ft. of grow space and 2 feet tall, the Low Bed is perfectly sized for tall vertically growing plants.

Gain a competitive advantage by being compliant, consistent, cost-effective, and most importantly, by growing faster & increasing yields.

The Bifarm Low Bed is made-to-order. We're here to work with your goals to provide a personalized indoor aeroponic solution for you.  

    • Our devices produce a fine mist with precision control, providing roots with maximum oxygen access.
    • Set your nutrient temperature, lighting schedule, and other auxiliary devices with GrowOS. Save these settings for repeatable results.
    • Our devices maintain stable root chamber temperature, reducing root diseases and promoting healthy transpiration.
    • Monitor root temperature, nutrient level, and climate conditions through your mobile device. GrowOS sends alerts and allows you to control your equipment remotely.
    • For large-scale cultivation facilities, utilize group management and eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks.
    • One complete 4ft. x 10 ft. Low Bed system and frame (32sqft. total grow space with 2ft. x 2ft. AeroXPS on the side)
    • Two 4ft. x 4ft. root chambers (16 plant sites per root chamber, 32 plant sites total)
    • One AeroXPS Pro control unit
    • One External Chiller
    • One automated intake pump
    • GrowOS Pro management app
    • GrowOS Server
    • 90 days delivery lead time.
    • Units are made to order after initial deposit or purchase.


Low Bed – Bifarm