Clone Station

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Price: $6,559 USD

The Clone Station is an automated and precision-controlled solution to cloning featuring controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology and high-pressure aeroponics (HPA).


  • 722 Plant Cloning Sites
  • High-pressure Aeroponics
  • Automated Climate Controls
  • Seedling Lighting Included
  • Fast Root Growth in as Few as 2 Days
  • GrowOS Pro Software Included

With CEA and HPA, clones are perfectly maintained without compromising oxygen availability. Properly managed aeroponics can dramatically shorten the grow cycle and multiply annual crop yields and consequently increase revenue.

The clone station is designed with 722 cloning spots, maximizing an approximate 32 sqft grow space. Fit with customizable aluminum framing, the Clone Station is equipped with a lighting structure and seedling lights. The Clone Station can supply entire grow operations with fast-growing and healthy plants. Have leftover seedlings? Sell any rooted over-production for increased profits.

The Clone Station is available for pre-order. Estimated arrival in December 2021.


Clone Station – Bifarm