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Smart System Driven by Grow Plan

The Bud control unit is a grow robot powered by computer, a series of sensors, and regulating components. It runs customizable grow plans, monitors the environment through sensors, and automatically maintains habitats according to grow plan settings (such as light duration, root temperature etc.). In case of emergency, the control unit will notify the user of any problems. The Bud system is remotely manageable via mobile & desktop app.

High Pressure Nutrient Delivery

The control unit powers the high-pressure nutrient delivery for the Bud system. Internal pressure sensors and booster pumps keep the nutrient pressure within a range that enable the grow unit(s) to generate finely aerated mist.

Nutrient Quality Detection & Volume Measurement

The control unit actively measures nutrient fluid quality level and provides live reports and alerts to growers. The built-in nutrient level sensor monitors and reports nutrients level with a continuous measurement, making the information more useful and predictable than fixed-point level sensors.

Active Nutrient Temperature Control

The integrated temperature control provides bi-directional warming/chilling management. It measures the current nutrient temperature and adjusts the workload to maintain the nutrient temperature around target temperature set by your grow plan.

Cameras & Time lapse images

The control unit supports up to 4 cameras, enabling users to remotely monitor and view the plants. Time lapse images are taken during the grow cycles, for users to export and create shareable videos.

Grow Journal & Multimedia Notes

A daily journal is automatically created with vital information taken from the integrated sensor data reporting tools. Additional information, such as notes and photos, can be added to the journal manually. This function keeps detailed grow history, reduces note taking efforts, and is easy to share.

Centerized Nutrient Portal

Adding and draining nutrients can be done via nutrient portal in the control unit. The control unit is responsible for circulating nutrients among the reservoirs distributed throughout the system. It also supports intake from the external nutrient reservoir, to aid in automating nutrient management.

Fail-safe and Error Detection

The control unit is designed with professional growers in mind. It contains two complete nutrient pressure systems for fail-safe purpose. When system errors such as leaks, jams or pump failure are detected, the control unit will trigger the standby system to take over, and send an alert to the user.

Extendable for Addon Functions

The control unit is equipped with extendable interfaces for auxiliary components, such as multi-band smart lights, A/C thermostat, humidity & temperature sensors, multiple on/off switches, USB cameras, and the U-Link port. U-Link is a special port that can extend the Bud system to include future components such as a CO2 regulator unit or nutrient auto-dosing unit.


  1. Computing & Communicating Module
    1. Combination of quad-core ARMv8 CPU and Atmega 2560 MPU
    2. 8GB storage space
    3. Supports 802.11n Wireless LAN
    4. Wired Ethernet
    5. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for discovery
    6. Up to 4 standard UVC cameras
  2. Nutrient Reservoir & Maintenance
    1. Reservoir portal for observation & manual nutrient input
    2. Manual valve to drain nutrient
    3. Integrated nutrient level meter
    4. Integrated nutrient EC/PPM meter
    5. Designed to support automatic inlet & outlet with external nutrient supply and drain
    6. System-wide nutrient circulation pump
  3. Nutrient Temperature Control
    1. Built-in sensor for nutrient temperature
    2. Bi-directional thermo control for warming / chilling nutrient liquid
    3. Optional flange & pipe for remote heat exhaust
  4. High-pressure Nutrient Delivery System
    1. Quiet booster pumps with max pressure of 120 PSI
    2. Internal pressure sensors actively monitors nutrient sensor pressure
    3. Automatically maintains the pressure within range that generates fine mists.
    4. Includes a complete standby system for fail-safe purpose
    5. Built-in accumulators provides stable nutrient pressure, reduces booster pumps working frequencies and prolong pumps’ longevity.
  5. Thermo-insulated double wall made with high quality material and rotational molding method
    1. Quality insulation to reduce electric cost of temperature control
    2. Durable, long-lasting material
    3. Easy to clean surface to cut back labor costs and down time
  6. Power input: 24VDC
  7. Power consumption:  10 - 180W

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