Bifarm Smart Controller 8G - BFMC8G01


The Bifarm Smart Controller will manage your entire aeroponic garden. It handles all aspects of timing, scheduling, I/O of sensors, logging, alerting and notifications. Running the Bifarm Open software it includes everything needed for a computerized control of a sophisticated true aeroponic system. Components are connected using the including Bifarm component cabling system.

  • Sophisticated timing of all system components - automation
  • Follows targeted Growth Plans for orchestrating your crop growth
  • High pressure nutrient spray control
  • Pressure systems management
  • Temperature control
  • Sensor control temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels
  • Remote access & alerting via mobile Android and iPhone applications.
  • Bifarm Open software
  • Media managment supported with user connected USB cameras
  • Light control utilizing the included switched AC adapter components
  • Additional auxiliary device control utilizing add-on switched AC adapter components

To find out more usage details, check out this blog Beginner’s Guide to Bifarm Smart Controller — Overview


  • combination of quad-core ARMv8 CPU and Atmega 2560 MPU,
  • with 8GB storage space,
  • supporting 802.11n Wireless LAN,
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for discovery,
  • wired Ethernet,
  • up to 4 standard UVC cameras
  • standard 2.54mm pitch IO pins for sensors and drivers
  • extendable with Extenders
  • extra 24V, 5V, and 3.3V IOs for external components
  • input: 24VDC
  • max current: 6A

80 pins of sensors and drivers, allows:

  • Humidity/Temperature sensor
  • Water proof temperature sensor
  • Nutrient pressure sensor
  • Nutrient temperature conditioning
  • Climate temperature conditioning
  • Multi-band adjustable LED light control
  • 24VDC solid state relay driver for solenoids
  • 3 of 24VDC driver for pumps
  • 2 ultrasound liquid level sensors
  • habitat door lock, sensor, indicator ready
  • extra analog and digital circuit sensors

Includes suite of firmware, software, a mobile app, and cloud service, allowing remote access, control and visibility of your garden. Open API allows extension and integration.

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