Bifarm Raised Bed

The Bifarm Raised Bed is a made to order unit. Please request an order consultation

The Bifarm Raised Bed is the next step in the evolution of farming and cultivation: 

Future Farm®
the farm of the future, for the future

The Raised Bed runs full-featured high-pressure aeroponics, with built-in root temperature control and automated nutrient intake and drain.

Gain a competitive advantage by being compliant, consistent, cost-effective, and most importantly, by growing faster & increasing yields.

The Bifarm Raised Bed is made to order. We're here to work with your goals to provide a personalized indoor aeroponic solution for you. If you'd like to speak with us about the order process send us your email in the text box above or reach us at our contact page


    • Our devices produce a fine mist with precision control, providing roots with maximum oxygen access.
    • Set your nutrient temperature, lighting schedule, and other auxiliary devices with GrowOS. Save these settings for repeatable results.
    • Our devices maintain stable root chamber temperature, reducing root diseases and promoting healthy transpiration.
    • Monitor root temperature, nutrient level, and climate conditions through your mobile device. GrowOS sends alerts and allows you to control your equipment remotely.
    • For large scale cultivation facilities, utilize group management and eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks.
    • Minimum order quantity of 20 units. 
    • No refund for this made-to-order item.
    • One complete 4ft. x 8ft. Raised Bed system and frame (32sqft. total grow space)
    • Two 4ft. x 4ft. root chambers (16 plant sites per root chamber, 32 plant sites total)
    • One AeroXPS Pro control unit
    • One External Chiller
    • One automated intake pump
    • GrowOS Pro management app
    • GrowOS Server
    • Shipping time does not reflect the lead time.
    • Units are made to order after initial deposit or purchase.
    • General manufacturing lead time is est 45 days.
    • Please contact us via our contact page with your project details (size, location, etc.) for additional information.


Bifarm Raised Bed