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Nutrient Aeration

In Bud system, the plant roots are suspended in the air without the use of soil or liquid as the primary growing medium. High-pressure atomizers generate fine mists filling up the root chamber and delivering nutrients to the roots with rich oxygen aeration. Such aeration stimulates growth and helps prevent pathogen formation.

Precision Nutrient Delivery

Quickly timed nutrient delivery cycles prevent root saturation. High-pressure atomizers create and disperse extremely fine droplets that allow for optimal nutrient absorption and root growth.

Temperature Optimization

The integrated reservoir, temperature-controlled nutrient circulation, and the opaque thermo-insulated walls work together to maintain a stable and targeted temperature in the root chamber. The optimized root chamber reduces issues caused by harmful bacteria, fungi, and algaes. Properly controlled root temperature also promotes healthy transpiration and facilitates nutrient delivery to the rest of the plant.


  1. Integrated reservoirs inside the root chamber
    1. Stabilizes the root chamber temperature
    2. Buffers the temperature of high-pressure nutrients to be sprayed
    3. Protects plants from drying up in emergency
  2. Thermo-insulated double wall made with high quality material and rotational molding method
    1. Excellent insulation reduces electric cost of temperature control
    2. Durable material designed to last
    3. Easy to clean surface cuts back labor cost and down time.
  3. High-pressure atomizer nozzles
    1. High-pressure generates fine aerated misting droplets
    2. Ceramic orifice tip maintains accurate spray volume
    3. Adjustable spray angles
  4. Multi-fold insulated cover
    1. Allows root chamber observation without disturbing plants
    2. Designed for easy nozzle maintenance add replacement
    3. Accommodates for 3” or 4” plant site

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