AeroXPS Pro

The AeroXPS Pro is a controlled environment agriculture grow system that uses precision automation technology and aeroponics. Automation and aeroponics combined to optimize the plant growth process for increased plant production, faster growth cycles, and improved consistency. AeroXPS Pro utilizes our Software - GrowOS Pro - which lets you monitor and control your system from anywhere using Bifarm’s mobile app, GrowOS Pro. GrowOS Pro is available from the App Store, Google Play, and for browsers at

The AeroXPS Pro is approximately 2 ft. long and 2 ft. wide making it a perfect fit for most 4 ft. by 4 ft. grow tents. The AeroXPS Pro is also expandable. The system can be connected to Bifarm commercial systems to expand to 32 sq. ft. growing capacity or your custom solutions. 

The AeroXPS Pro supports optional automated intake and drain equipment. Automatically supplying water to your AeroXPS Pro from external reservoir containers lets you go weeks without manually refilling

    • CO₂ sensor support
    • Automated intake support 
    • Automated drain support
    • Multiple unit batch management
    • Expandable to 32 sq. ft. grow space with Bifarm Commercial systems
    • Out-of-box complete system
    • Live view and time-lapse image of plants
    • Precision aeroponic nutrient delivery
    • Thermo-insulated root chamber
    • Chilling & heating nutrient temperature components & controlling modes.
    • Custom auxiliary devices management (lights, fans, air quality, and more)
    • Climate environment monitoring (temperature, humidity)
    • Nutrient quality monitoring (TDS, pH, temperature, volume)
    • Programmable GrowPlan with flexible night/day shifting
    • Comprehensive datalog & analysis
    • Four plastic net grow cups
    • Four neoprene grow collars
    • Four wheels & wheel assembly
    • Two auxiliary control switches 
    • Two nylon grow bags
    • One grow bag assembly
    • One climate sensor
    • One pH sensor
    • One EC sensor
    • One power cord
    • Automated Intake only included in the bundle option
    • Automated Drain only included in the bundle option
    • CO₂ sensor sold separately contact for purchasing information 


AeroXPS Pro – Bifarm