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The AeroXPS is a personal grow system, which is part of Bifarm Aeroponics tm series. This state of the art appliance is an automated aeroponics system housed with a thermo-insulated high strength case, which makes your grow process optimized to the fullest.

It works together with our Software - GrowOS - which lets you monitor and control your system from anywhere using Bifarm’s mobile app.

AeroXPS, the only smart high-pressure aeroponics for home in the market.

      • All-in-one express model
      • Precision aeroponics grow with built-in temperature control
      • Insulated root chamber
      • High-pressure aeroponics system
      • Orchestrate your favorite accessories, such as grow lights
      • Automated grow experiences
      • Control from anywhere
      • Pre-assembled design
      • AeroXPS Manual
      • 1 200W UL listed power supply
      • 1 AeroXPS grow system
      • 1 Power Switch included (ship separately). Note: One power switch controls one auxiliary equipment. Additional power switches can be purchased.
      • 1 Reservoir filter/Grow Bag
      • 1 Aux control wire harness
      • 1 Temperature & Humidity sensor
      • 1 Water level sensor
      • 1 Nutrient Funnel
      • 1 Grow bag assembly
      • 5 Grow baskets
      • 5 Grow domes (plastic cup to prevent moisture loss when growing from seeds)
      • 5 Plant site covers
      • 4 Wheels
      • 1, 3-foot draining tube
      • pH & EC is an optional feature with an additional cost of $170. If selected at the choices below, it will be pre-installed with your unit.
      • EC 1.1 board has reference range 0- 4.0 mS/cm (equivalent of TDS of 0-2000 PPM)
      • Cameras
      • Grow lights
      • Vents
      • Tents
      • Fans


The average processing time is 3 days from the time of your order. 

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