Master Your Craft

With the latest tools in precision cultivation.

Increasing Your Yield

Bifarm systems utilize aeroponic growing methods and advanced environment controls to increase plant growth, yield, and quality with less water and nutrient waste.

Cultivating Unique Strains

The advanced environment controls with Bifarm systems allows you to precisely dial in settings to grow plants the way you want.

Simplify Operations

Our digital platform provides quick views and snapshots of your entire operation all from your computers or mobile devices, whether you're on site or working remotely.

Prevent Mistakes

We're only human, so mistakes and errors get the better of us eventually. Our autopilot features help to monitor and regulate your cultivation operations, helping you save time and your crops.

Bifarm systems enable you do what you do best:

The Bifarm Raised Bed

The modular design of this system makes it easy to drop in with most indoor environment management equipment and is always ready to scale when you are.

Start Planning

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