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Grow room controller for artisan quality environmental settings

GrowOS ®

The comprehensive software and service platform for precision agriculture

Control Automation & Data Processing

Bifarm software was designed so growers can focus on what they do best without worrying about repetitive tasks.

GrowOS & Automation

Automate your growth,
from nutrient settings
to plant environment 

Automated farm facility modular controller

Automation with Schedule

The system automates environment settings according to customizable multi-stage Grow Plans.

The automation takes over your repetitive work, so that you can focus on what you do best -- crafting grow results.

For the large and vertical farming environments, monitoring and automation are essential tools to scale and to avoid crop loss due to negligence or mistakes.

Monitor & Control

The GrowOS software collects, processes and analyzes data on the condition of climate, nutrients and system operations,  from a wide range of sensors throughout the system. 

Then GrowOS directs regulating devices to maintain ideal growing environment.

Never miss a beat or lose track of important data again.

GrowOS mobile grow room controller software

Remote Access & Alerts

Always in control
from anywhere
at anytime

Grow Journal

Timeline of multimedia
notes, events,
photos & charts

Group farm facility management

Facility Management

For large commercial farms, GrowOS servers are deployed on-premise to facilitate operation activities.

Camera Support

Automatic time-lapse photos during lit-time of the day. A visual grow history documentation, effortlessly.

Live images of your plants remotely 24/7 and anywhere you have internet connection. 

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