GrowOS ® & GrowOS Pro ®

The comprehensive software and service platform for precision agriculture

What Does GrowOS & GrowOS Pro Do?

Automate Monitor Report Collect Simplify

GrowOS was designed with growers in mind so they can focus on what they do best without worrying about repetitive tasks.

GrowOS & Automation

Automate your growth,
from nutrient settings
to plant environment 

Monitor & Control

The GrowOS software collects, processes and analyzes data on the condition of climate, nutrients and system operations,  from a wide range of sensors throughout the system. 

GrowOS directs regulating devices to maintain ideal growing environment.

Never miss a beat or lose track of important data again.

Remote Access & Alerts

Real time reporting
from anywhere
at anytime

Facility Management

For large commercial farms, GrowOS Pro servers are deployed on-premise to facilitate group operation activities.

Poor WiFi? No problem. GrowOS Pro was configured to allow for direct connect to Bifarm units for manual updates and setting changes.

Effortless Data Collection

Capture timelapse images,
notification events,
status & charts

Commercial aeroponic tomatoes indoor greenhouse facility

Simplify Your Grow Process

Are you ready to advance the way you grow?

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