Research & Application

Environment Planning by Bifarm
Environmental conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 are regulated through sensors and controls to recreate the desired plant environment for research purposes.
Pre-plan and program your optimal settings for your devices and auxiliary equipment from day 1 all the way to the end of your grow and beyond in a single sitting.
Bifarm technology provides accurate and precise results through auxiliary equipment management. Automate lights or other equipment down to the second for consistent operation throughout the grow process.

Conduct Analysis

Increase Plant Material

Using aeroponic growth methods allows plant material to be analyzed without plant disturbance, growth disruption, and material obstruction.

Aeroponics also produces an affect we call fuzzy roots; drastically increasing root material for analysis.

Reduce Cross-contamination

Isolated chambers reduce cross-contamination among multiple units. Water is stored and distributed independently within each unit either automatically from an optional nutrient reservoir or manually for individual nutrient recipes.

Data Gathering

Monitor plants in real-time with remote viewing and automatically capture timelapse images. Each Bifarm AeroXPS unit can connect up to four USB cameras for custom viewing of your plants. Watch your plants come to life and visually compare plant development at the end of every run.

Research & Application – Bifarm