Press Release - BiFarm Bud System

Bifarm makes high-pressure aeroponics easy

Increased yields, shorter grow cycles, and improved root health for the at-home grower.

Seattle, WA


Bifarm, a grow technology startup, has one of the first publicly available personal high-pressure aeroponic kits on the market: the AeroKit. The AeroKit has sparked interest among cultivators across the world, making the typically expensive and inaccessible technology available to the everyday grower. High-pressure aeroponics is praised for its ability to increase the yield of grows while shortening the growth cycle time, and reducing the risk of root infection. These three benefits are key to growers of specialty herbs and vegetables, as well as the cannabis-growing industry that has skyrocketed over the past few years as laws change state-by-state.

The AeroKit is not only popular for its ability to suspend roots in the air and mist them with nutrients at a high-pressure spray, but the technology behind it all. The kit is tied to a mobile application, available on iOS and Android, that allows the user to manage the grow plans, change the kit settings, and even view the plants via camera, all remotely from their mobile device. The application syncs with the “smart controller” a small white computer located next to the AeroKit that is able to set the temperature for the roots, as well as the timed intervals between nutrient sprays. This automation allows for growers to leave their plants for multiple days without worrying about them and reduces the amount of time and effort put into each yield.

While the AeroKit has already gained popularity amongst home growers, Bifarm isn’t stopping there. The startup is currently working on developing a modular system that expands to as many or as few plants as the grower desires, Bud. The Bud system will appeal to not only the home grower but the “pro-sumer” or small commercial facilities. The system will be available for pre-order in the coming months. Right now, followers have the opportunity to sign up for an exclusive pre-order price of 50% off the base retail price of $1900 at By sharing the invitation, growers can earn additional savings on this discounted price.

More information on Bud will be released in the weeks leading up to the launch. To stay up to date with Bifarm’s latest developments, and receive the discount, subscribe to their email newsletter at



Bifarm, a technology startup focused on smart gardening solutions, is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Creator of the first commercially available personal high-pressure aeroponics kit, Bifarm is dedicated to providing sustainable and high-tech solutions to home gardeners.

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