Increase Harvest Quality

and Yield

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With Precision Aeroponics

Give yourself the ultimate control over your growing experience. Micromanage light spectrum, precise misting schedules, and environment monitoring in the palm of your hand to craft your best harvest. 

Grow room controller for artisan quality environmental settings

Backed by science, Bifarm aeroponics conserves your resources

Aeroponic methods used by NASA have shown to use 90% less water than soil. Leading to less nutrient waste. And
with a controlled indoor environment enjoy pest free growing without the hassle of pesticides and contaminations. 

Quality crafted aeroponic tomatoes

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Because after all you know what you want from your grow. We're here to help your success in your craft. 

We believe that quality in every step is the way to achieve excellence and that precision-controlled cultivation leads to consistent, reliable, and repeatable results.

3 Best Practices for Growing with a Bifarm Aeroponic Device

While working on the Bifarm customer support end we often get asked: “How do you grow ‘insert very specific plant here’ in your device?” This hasn’t been the easiest question to answer. Why? Because no one solution can completely cover every plant species you may happen to be growing. And I’m not an encyclopedia with knowledge of every plant species either. However, after spending time with my own grow, there are some best practices that anyone can use to get started with their Bifarm aeroponic device.

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Sustainable Agriculture with Precision Aeroponics

Behind all the fancy technology and the “sport” of aeroponic growing, Bifarm was built on the promise of sustainability. Precision aeroponics are a promising method of Agriculture Technology (or “AgTech”), especially in regions with arid climates.

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Increase Harvest Quality And Yield – Bifarm