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Business Friendly

Bifarm aeroponics is a solution to produce higher yields, better quality and more grow cycles, and suitable for large scale operations. The consistency resulted from precision control helps business build brand identity and operate  smoothly. The automation reduces labor costs, and prevents losses caused by negligence and human mistakes.

Resilient and Reliable

Each growing unit runs autonomously and independently. This design avoids mass crop losses caused by a single point of failure.

In addition, for large farms, GrowOS servers are optionally deployed on-premise to facilitate operation activities. With the server, grow units are managed by groups. This function gives operators a great power and flexibility in managing big facilities. 

Green & Sustainable for the Future

Bifarm aeroponics not only helps the corporate bottom line, but also minimizes the negative impacts on the environment. The design and build of the Future Farm reflects our commitment to protecting our environment.

The indoor aeroponics saves water and nutrients usage by more than 90% over traditional outdoor soil farming. There is no pesticide or fungicide needed in the controlled environment. Eliminating soil usage means it helps preserve native land.

All of these factors contribute to the sustainability of agriculture for generations to come.

Bifarm Aeroponics dramatically increases revenues, and delivers cost savings directly to your bottomline.

Raised Bed

4ft x 8ft grow system featuring high-pressure aeroponics, is the answer to scalable commercial operations. 

Our root chambers are made with FDA approved food safe material and is reinforced with an aluminum aloy frame. All while being the most advanced and bottom-line friendly precision grow system.

* Customizable plant site sizes and patterns available.

Large scale automated aeroponics system

Low Bed

The Low Profile variation is equipped with filtration components in root chambers, and reduces overall height to 2 feet from floor. 

It is designed to fit in vertical racks and enclosed pods, where the overall available height is limited. 


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