Commercial Descriptions

Here at Bifarm, our commercial solutions are centered around three principles: Consistency, Compliance and Cost Effectiveness. Bifarm’s technologies focuses on precision grow; with tools and functions to collect telemetric data, maintain environments and manage nutrient delivery for proper growth.


Our commercial solutions are currently fully customizable while pre-made designs are in conception.

Each commercial solution is a scaled-up version our of AeroXPS unit with our Bifarm technology at its core. Advanced features are included as needed per your operation requirements.

We work with you to understand your operating needs regarding vertical requirements, facility constraints, operating procedures, and logistics to design the best solution for your system.

After the initial designs are complete you may test them out as a prototype. This step allows you to get a feel for the system and make adjustments to your design without committing your whole facility. Our commercial growers greatly benefit from this process as they begin to work with the system and realize an alteration to their plan would greatly improve operating procedure such as harvesting, draining, or dosing.

Commercial Descriptions – Bifarm