Consistent, compliant,
and cost-effective.

AeroXPS Raised Bed

The AeroXPS Raised Bed, a 4ft x 8ft grow system featuring high-pressure aeroponics, is the answer to scalable commercial operations. 

The most advanced and bottom-line friendly precision grow system.

* Custom plant site sizes and patterns available.

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Precision control brings consistent results - The foundation for successful business operations and  branding efforts.  

This advanced aeroponics system gives you the advantage of faster growth cycles, which results in increased yields and revenue.

The insulated design lowers the amount of energy needed to manage nutrient temperature, leading to additional cost savings. 

Automation reduces labor costs and loss due to human error.

Bifarm Aeroponics delivers cost savings directly to your bottomline.

We are now accepting businesses for our pilot program. 

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Each commercial solution is a scaled-up version of the AeroXPS unit with our Bifarm technology at its core. Advanced features are included to the design as per your operation requirements. 

We work with you to understand your operating needs such as facility constraints, vertical design requirements, operating procedures and logistics to design the best solution for your system.

Automated precision grow is the best way to achieve consistency

Built upon the same technology that powers the AeroXPS, our commercial systems operate on a variety of sensory information to manage and maintain an optimum plant environment. Each commercial set up is guided by a peripheral nervous system of technologies that collect, define, and process data to conduct actions to meet the pre-set requirements.

Commercial Solutions – Bifarm