All-In-One Controlled Environment Cultivation

The AeroXPS Pro is a controlled environment grow system that uses precision automation technology with our GrowOS Software and aeroponics. AeroXPS Pro helps you achieve the best quality of harvest, higher yields, and quicker grow cycles, all while providing peace of mind.

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Automated cultivation improves consistency during plant growth for reliable results and harvests year-round.

Energy Saving Design

The insulated root chamber keeps plants protected, all while keeping them at the optimal temperature for plant growth. With the AeroXPS Pro, the internal thermo controls automatically maintain desired temperatures independently from an external AC system, saving energy from continuous cooling.

Aeroponics Saves Water

Aeroponic atomizing nozzles inside the AeroXPS Pro efficiently deliveries nutrients directly to roots in the root chamber while using up to 95% less water than other grow methods.

An oxygen-rich environment produced with Aeroponics improves root health, supercharging
overall plant growth.

Smart Computer Controls

GrowOS Software is the brains behind AeroXPS Pro.

The GrowOS software collects and analyzes data on the condition of your plant's environment and reports them back to you on the GrowOS Pro App, even on the go.

The GrowOS Pro App

A centralized platform for your cultivation management needs

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Customize Your Set-up

Keep your investment and favorite equipment when you upgrade.

With AeroXPS Pro, there’s no need to get locked into factory-installed lights or having to juggle equipment timers. Your favorite auxiliary equipment connects to the AeroXPS Pro and can be managed directly from the GrowOS Pro app.

Easily Expand

The AeroXPS Pro is approximately 2 ft. long and 2 ft. wide making it a perfect fit for most 4 ft. by 4 ft. grow tents. The AeroXPS Pro is also expandable. The system can be connected to Bifarm commercial systems to expand to 32 sq. ft. growing capacity or your custom solutions.

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AeroXPS Pro – Bifarm