Precision & Performance

Looking for increased yields, better quality harvest, and quicker grow cycles?

Read on, and find out how the feature-packed system can help you do just that. 

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Aerated Roots

Aeroponic growing methods allow for roots to be suspended in the air, exposing them to more oxygen than traditional soil or hydro-based methods.

This increase in oxygen exposure allows root development to flourish, and in turn, allows plants to grow faster.

Desired Grow Environments

AeroXPS helps maintain and monitor the habitat environment, such as temperature, humidity, photosynthesis cycle and more.

Powered by GrowOS ®, its smart controller manages a multi-stage grow cycle, even with seperated lit-time and dark-time settings.

Orchestrate Equipments

Keep your investment and favorite equipment when you upgrade. AeroXPS coordinates your existing accessories such as grow lights, exhaust fans, thermostats and more.

It is the perfect choice as a drop-in upgrade to modernize your favorite setup.

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Managed Nutrient Temperature

The built-in nutrient chiller/heater, insulated chamber, and integrated reservoir help stabilize the root chamber temperature.

Greener and more organic

Maintaining a desired nutrient temperature prevents root diseases caused by harmful bacteria, fungi & algae. All can be done without pesticides. 

Remote Access

Always in control
from anywhere
at anytime

Grow Journal

Timeline of multimedia
notes, events,
photos & charts

Camera Support

Supports most household webcams. 

Automatic time-lapse photos during lit-time of the day. A visual grow history documentation, effortlessly.

Live images of your plants remotely 24/7 and anywhere you have internet connection. 

Grow up to 5 plants, from seed to harvest


Power Consumption:
Controller: 2 watts
Pressure Pump: 20 watts (when activated)
Temperature Control: 135 watts (when activated)

Temperature Control Performance 

5°C / 9°F change in 1 hour.
8°C/ 14.4°F change in 2 hours.

10°C / 18°F change in 1 hour.

Dimensions & Weight

22.5" x 21.3" x 21.7"
57cm x 54cm x 55cm

55 lb / 25 kg

Internal Dimension

Root chamber volume: 

20.9“ x 19.7” x 11.7“
53 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm
20 gallon / 75 liter

Internal Reservoir capacity:
0.98 gallon
3.7 liter

The best way to grow your plants at home

AeroXPS helps you achieve the best quality of harvest, higher yields, and quicker grow cycles,
all while providing peace of mind.

Unit starting price: $1,179.99

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