High pressure aeroponics
now available for home


High Pressure Aeroponics

Aeroponic growing methods allow for roots to be suspended in the air, exposing them to more oxygen that traditional soil or hydro-based methods.

This increase in oxygen exposure allows root development to flourish, and in turn, plants grow faster.

Automated by GrowOS

AeroXPS's smart controller runs Bifarm GrowOS ®, which executes a multi-stage Grow Plan with separated light and dark period settings.

It also manages your existing accessories such as grow lights, exhaust fans, thermostats and more to come.

APIs are available for technically advanced enthusiasts and partners to integrate AeroXPS with smart home systems and other solutions.

Managed Root Temperature

The built-in nutrient chiller/heater, insulated chamber, and integrated reservoir help stabilize the root temperature.

Maintaining a desired nutrient temperature prevents root diseases caused by harmful bacteria, fungi & algae. 

Remote Access

Always in control
from anywhere
at anytime

Grow Journal

Timeline of multimedia
notes, events,
photos & charts

Camera Support

AeroXPS support most of UVC compatible webcams. With GrowOS cloud, you can see live image of your plants, even remotely. 

AeroXPS automatically takes time-lapse photos during light period of the day, so you have a visual grow history and you can share the progress.

Grow up to 5 plants, from seed to harvest

Dimensions & Weight

Size: 22.3" x 22.3" x 22.3" / 54cm x 54cm x 54cm

Weight: 55lb/ 25 kg

Internal Dimension

Reservoir capacity: 0.98 gallon / 3.7liter

Root chamber volume: 20.9“x 19.7”x11.7“ / 53cm x 50cm x 30cm