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GrowOS: Automation, Precision & Analytics

Time, attendance, labor and experience are major factors when growing plants. Bifarm addresses this issue head-on. Our GrowOS software suite was created in conjunction with our machines to allow users to control their plants’ growing conditions from the convenience of an app.

Bifarm's GrowOS software suite includes an operating software that automates the plants growing environment, mobile & desktop apps to manage the habitat settings, and cloud services that facilitate remote access and online monitoring.

For commercial operations, Bifarm's GrowOS Server provides a collection of management tools covering inventory and deployment management for grow systems, batch operation orchestration, reports & analytics, security & access control, and worker tasks management.


Product & Solutions

Bifarm team have designed a range of products to cater all users, from home growers to commercial facilities. Recently, we have upgraded both the AeroKit and the Bifarm Bud with a new generation of Bifarm's aeroponics products: the AeroXPS and the Bifarm Future Farm.

AeroXPS is a product designed specifically for home users. We packed the automated high-pressure aeroponic function and the nutrient temperature control feature in a small 2'x2' box that users can easily place in a grow tent, closet, garage, or living room. Additionally, the AeroXPS can manage growers' existing favorite equipments, such as grow lights and vents. It is a perfect upgrade to growers existing setup.

FutureFarm is Bifarm's vision of future agriculture. It is our answer to the challenges facing the agriculture industry. The measurable goals are: higher yields, better quality, consistent results, and quicker grow cycles, along with lower operating cost. We are working with commercial growers on customized FutureFarm solutions. Contact us for details.

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