The Bifarm AeroKit includes the hardware to setup an aeroponic habitat and the software to make it easy to operate.  A complete high pressure system, temperature controller, sprayers, sensors, root chamber, power supply, plumbing, switched AC adapter (control your own lights), templates and guides, computer system and IO board package with all the wiring, and most importantly the Aero Open software. 

Assembling instruction video

Assembling Instruction

Quick Start Guide


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For cameras, you can use any UVC compatible cameras, such as this one on amazon 






A True Aeroponics System

Perfect conversion Kit

If you have invested a grow system, lights, tents, air filter, this is the perfect kit for conversion to aeroponics, and make your system smart.


Maximized Yields
Shorter Cycles
Healthy Root System
Improved Resource Efficiency


24x7 Environment Management
Grow Plan Execution
Habitat Anomaly Detection
Data Logging & Analysis


Smart Phone Control
Real-time Notification
Live and Time-lapse Images
Collaboration and Sharing


Fully Customizable Grow Plan
Open Module Api
Expandable With Modules