Bifarm’s smart grow systems utilize computers to monitor and control lights, temperature, nutrients, and other elements to form the optimal environments for specific plants at specific stages. This minimizes the risk of mis-management, and reduces labor costs. The saved control settings can be used again later, shared with friends, or duplicated for use across multiple grow systems.

Unlike soil-based or conventional hydroponics methods, our system uses thermo-optimized aeroponic technology. This patent-pending technology allows roots to absorb nutrients efficiently, breathe oxygen easily, and reduce bacteria & fungi. The benefits are increased yields, shorter grow cycles, reliability, repeatability, and a pesticide/fungicide-free environment.


The Bud system is comprised of one control unit and multiple grow units. The control unit is responsible for sensor information collection, activity automation, data communication, and nutrient management. The partnered grow units provide housing for plant roots and nutrient delivery. The Bud system works together via the Bifarm Grow mobile application. Here, users can access live environment information, camera view, and grow journals.