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The AeroXPS is a personal grow system, which is part of Bifarm Aeroponics tm series. This state of the art appliance is an automated aeroponics system housed with a thermo-insulated high strength case, which makes your grow process optimized to the fullest.

The simple, beautiful & modern design makes it fit in your home and office nicely. 

It works together with our Software - GrowOS - which lets you monitor and control your system from anywhere using Bifarm’s mobile app.

  • All-in-one express model
  • Precision aeroponics grow with temperature control  
  • Fits in 2x2’ area
  • Pre-assembled design, with no need of wiring and tubing efforts.


  • Live view and time-lapse image of plants
  • Precision aeroponic nutrient delivery
  • Thermo-insulated root chamber
  • Fresh air intake function.
  • Chilling & heating nutrient temperature controlling modes.
  • Separation of  nutrient reservoir from root chamber.
  • Nutrient volume, temperature and TDS reading.
  • Habitat sensors for temperature and humidity
  • Intuitive GrowPlan with flexible night/day shifting.
  • Auxiliary devices management (lights, fans, air quality, and more)
  • Multimedia journal with environment information.
  • Optional wheels for easy moving during the grow process.

Dimensions22.3" x 22.3" x 22.3" / 54cm x 54cm x 54cm 
Weight: 22lb

Power Consumption

  • System: 2 watts
  • Pressure Pump: 20 watts
  • Temperature Contro: 135 watts
  • Camera (not included): 5 watts/each

Temperature Control Performance (at 2 cm volume level)

  • Chilling
    • 5°C / 9°F temperature cooling in 1 hour.
    • 8°C/ 14.4°F  temperature cooling in 2 hour.
  • Heating
    • 10°C / 18°F temperature increase in 1 hour.

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Type: Aero

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