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AeroPRO is for commercial use. Please contact us for commercial solutions. 

The AeroPRO is a precision grow system, which forms part of Bifarm’s aeroponics series. This state of the art computer is automated aeroponic housed with a rugged high strength case, which makes your grow process optimized to the fullest. It works together with our Software - GrowOS - which lets you monitor and control your system from anywhere using Bifarm’s mobile app.

  • Modular grow chamber design
  • Backup aeroponics components  
  • Batch management for commercial operation*
  • Nutrient supply automation with intake, discharge, topping off*
  • Size and shape customizable

*Optional functions



  • Live view and time-lapse image of plants
  • Precision aeroponic nutrient delivery
  • Thermo-insulated root chamber
  • Chilling & heating nutrient temperature controlling modes.
  • Auxiliary devices management (lights, fans, air quality, and more)
  • Climate environment monitoring (temperature, humidity)
  • Nutrient quality monitoring (TDS, pH, temperature, volume)
  • Nutrient supply management for intake,
  • Auto chamber flushing and cleaning
  • Intuitive GrowPlan with flexible night/day shifting
  • Group operation supported
  • Comprehensive Data log & analysis

Dimensions: Customizable 

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