Bifarm Aeroponics is a temperature regulated high pressure recirculating aeroponic growing method. It is powered by Bifarm's software platform, GrowOS, and includes the following benefits:

  • Shortened grow cycles
  • Increased yield
  • Stronger roots
  • Less use of water and nutrients


  1. Aerated nutrient delivery: Produces fine high pressure mists with precision control, providing roots with maximum oxygen access.
  2. Temperature controlled root chamber: Maintains stable root chamber temperature and reduces root diseases to promote healthy transpiration.
  3. Automation by GrowPlan: Maintains the desired nutrient temperature, controls lighting schedule, and other auxiliary devices, such as fans.
  4. Camera support: Live photos via mobile app, including a time lapse photo archive.
  5. Comprehensive grow journal: Records environmental information, such as humidity and temperature.You can log your own grow activities and they will be presented with graphic analytic tools.
  6. Alert & remote access: Monitors temperature, nutrient level, and power outage. You can get alerts to your mobile phone, access information and control the device remotely.