Why Customer Experience Matters to Us

by Hanna Gru September 30, 2019

Offering support to customers is important to any business regardless of how long they have been around in the industry. In my opinion, it becomes more important if you are just starting up. As a Start-Up company, our journey in developing our technology has been a constant learning process. With many ups & downs, the most valuable lesson learned was the importance of being transparent and providing full support to our customers in order to build up trust and credibility and to demonstrate how much we value our growing community.

At Bifarm, our goal is to revolutionize the agriculture industry. But the truth is, without building a strong community of customers that feel confident that they are choosing the right product, our efforts in developing Smart Aeroponics technology will never have enough impact to change the way people grow. And we know, this is something only good customer service can achieve.

Our customer support team aims not only to assist our growers to achieve their milestones but most importantly to build relationships that translate into continuous growth for both of us. Together we are capable of doing amazing things! That is why we invest in human capital, which is our most important resource and advantage.

We are always there for both our potential and current users. We provide full-time customer support and we are proud to say that our strength is our ability to respond to user’s feedback and deliver solutions quickly. We are a small but knowledgeable team that is able to discuss our products and services with ease, as we are firm believers that to become leaders in the industry, we need to be able to quickly and effectively resolve issues and concerns.

We are here to provide our users with the Best Growing Experience, even before they start growing! If you have any questions about or products or our technology, feel free to touch base through our website and a team member will be there for you as soon as possible.

Hanna Gru
Hanna Gru


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Why Customer Experience Matters to Us – Bifarm