What to Grow — Aeroponics

by Kalei Munsell August 20, 2019

At this point, we’ve all talked about the benefits of aeroponic growing: reduced water usage, reduced fertilizers, eliminates pesticides, and the list goes on. With all those perks in mind, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to first grow in your aeroponic system. We’ve picked out a few ideal plant attributes to spark some ideas, and get your aeroponic garden up to speed.

Tomatoes (or other vine plants). Tomatoes are a good produce to grow via aeroponics, because it eliminates the hassle of the traditional growing methods. Usually, they must be started in pots before being moved to soil, but aeroponics eliminates this extra step. In turn, this results in the ability to harvest up to 6 crops annually (rather than the 1–2 using the traditional method).

Tomato plants being growin in an AeroKit.

Herbs. Herbs are another popular choice for aeroponic growers, as you can really tell the consistency in each grow cycle. Traditional herb growing is much more labor intensive, and variable in results. Aeroponics have been shown to increase yield in a shorter grow cycle on a variety of different herbs. Potential herbs to grow: chives, oregano, basil, sage, rosemary. For beginners, we especially recommend chives and mint.

Leafy Greens. Of course, you can’t go wrong growing the classic leafy greens in your aeroponic garden. Aeroponics are known to reduce risk for root diseases, which is especially beneficial for those crops that are prone to soil pathogens and bacteria. Example leafy greens: Romaine Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Tuscan Kale, Winterboar Kale, Dinosaur Kale)

Share photos of things you’ve grown using the aeroponic method! What worked best for you?

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Kalei Munsell
Kalei Munsell


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