Bifarm is Bringing in a Little More Green to the City of Sunrise

by Victoria Valdez August 14, 2020

We’re moving on to a bigger and better location this fall! Bifarm plans on making their new Sunrise location a demo site for their indoor aeroponic agriculture technology. 

Bifarm Tech, Inc. is officially announcing our new headquarters location. We say farewell to our first South Florida office and welcome our newly expanded space fit for demonstrating our latest product line: Future Farm. Products in this line include Bifarm’s Raised Bed unit; an innovative agriculture solution featuring 5 environment management technologies in 1 indoor aeroponics system. This system is unique in that it not only provides the traditional water savings and plant growth benefits as standard aeroponic systems but it also boast:

    • Advanced temperature control features 
    • Two 4’ by 4’ insulated rootzone chambers
    • Smart computer processing unit
    • Variety of sensors for environment monitoring

We are excited to fill up our new warehouse space with Raised Beds and get growing. “We have been wanting to demonstrate and provide training for a commercial growing environment for quite some time. We’re thrilled to be able to show the ease of use and growth benefits of an indoor alternative to current agriculture methods,” - CEO and founder Wanjun. 

Bifarm Tech, Inc. Store front

Bifarm is excited to take on this new chapter. We plan on growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs all indoors at this demo site. “I wish I could say I’m the most excited team member about this move but our lead grower has me beat! She’s really excited about growing these different foods and experimenting with different environmental conditions with our Bifarm climate controls,” - Wanjun. We hope to participate in local farmer’s markets in the future but in the meantime, we’ll be sharing our fresh produce with our new neighbors. If you’d like to check us out, you can schedule a demo tour by visiting our website’s contact page we're now located at 1141 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway Sunrise, FL 33323. 

To inquire more about Bifarm's Future Farm solutions you can reach us through our assessment page.

Victoria Valdez
Victoria Valdez


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Bifarm is Bringing in a Little More Green to the City of Sunrise