Gardening with Smart Technology

Bifarm Tech, Inc., is a smart gardening solution startup with focuses on precision aeroponics growing methods. Its technology focuses include automation, security, enterprise information infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning in agriculture.

Bifarm was founded in Miami, Florida in 2015, with additional functional units located in Seattle, Austin, and China. 

In 2017, Bifarm released a series of branded indoor aeroponics components, including the Smart Controller, the Root Temperature Control, and the Aero HP Generator (High-Pressure Regulator). Later that year, Bifarm released AeroKit, a partially assembled Aeroponics package. One of the first publicly available personal high-pressure aeroponic kits on the market. The AeroKit has sparked interest among cultivators across the world, making a typically expensive and inaccessible technology available to the everyday grower. High-pressure aeroponics is praised for its ability to increase the yield of grows, while shortening the growth cycle time, and reducing the use of nutrients and spend on labor and electricity. This is in comparison to other methods of indoor growing. These three benefits are key to growers of specialty herbs and vegetables, as well as the cannabis-growing industry that has skyrocketed over the past few years as laws begin to change state-by-state.



While the AeroKit has already gained popularity amongst home growers, Bifarm isn’t stopping there. On May 1st, 2018, Bifarm released a modular system that expands to as many or as few plants as the grower desires, the Bifarm Bud. Built on the core Bifarm Aeroponics technology - same as AeroKit, the Bud system also introduces features like System Self Checkup, Monitoring and Fail-Safe Backup and Power Outage Tolerance, the featuers that matter to pro-sumer and commercial growers.  

Bifarm Bud


In Bifarm's pipeline, there are several upcoming models! Including all-in-one smart aeroponics habitat (code name: Habitat). And Bifarm is developing a management suite (code name: SuperRoom) meant for commercial growers.



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"As a computer-controlled grow system, the AeroKit takes care of repeated and tedious work, leaving only the fun and creative aspects of growing."
Bifarm AeroKit
Maximum Yield
"The main challenges of growing plants with aeroponics are mostly around its dependency on precision nutrient delivery and root temperature fluctuation. Bifarm AeroKit solves both problems. And with additional features like remote control via mobile app, the AeroKit is a modern and high-tech growing system."
New Growing System: Bifarm AeroKit
Bifarm Blog
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"What's also easy is to use this system! Nearly every aspect of growing weed is automized. Feeding schedule, watertemp (temp unit is included), light schedule, USB plugs for observation including a freaking timelapse option (yessss). You just gotta feed and pH adjust yourself. Well done!"
@homegrown_ger via Instagram
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The system is performing great I love being able to monitor the system via my phone at any time!"
@reedweed420 via Instagram
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I love the system. I have never had a system I could just leave for 9 days with no worries. Being able to check up on plants via the cam is a nice touch."
@socalsensi via Instagram
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