The AeroXPS Pro

More than just aeroponics. The AeroXPS is 5 technologies in 1 device to bring higher yields, shorter cycles and ultimate control over your grow conditions.

Combined with our Future Farm solutions,  this device allows you to grow your plants during all seasons without relying on mother nature efficiently, effectively, and economically. 

HPA AeroXPS and Automated GrowOS app
High pressure commercial aeroponics system

AeroXPS Raised Bed

The AeroXPS Raised Bed is the answer to scaled commercial operations. 

The 4ft x 8ft grow system runs full featured high-pressure aeroponics, with built-in root temperature control and automated nutrient intake and drain

It is the solution you need to gain competitive advantage by being compliant, consistent, cost-effective, and most importantly, by growing faster & increasing yields

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Improving the future of agriculture for generations to come

Indoor aeroponics saves water and nutrients usage over traditional outdoor soil farming.

There is no pesticide or fungicide needed in the controlled environment.

Eliminating soil usage helps preserve native land.

Are you ready for your most precise growing experience?

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