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Thermo-optimized, full-cycle, smart aeroponics system.

The absolute best indoor growing system for maximizing your harvests.

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  • I love the system. I have never had a system I could just leave for 9 days with no worries. Being able to check up on plants via the cam is a nice touch.

    @socalsensi (Instagram)

  • What's also easy is to use this system! Nearly every aspect of growing weed is automized. Feeding schedule, watertemp (temp unit is included), light schedule, USB plugs for observation including a freaking timelapse option (yessss). You just gotta feed and pH adjust yourself. Well done!

    @homegrown_ger (Instagram)

  • The system is performing great I love being able to monitor the system via my phone at any time!

    @reedweed420 (Instagram)

  • Shorter Grow Cycle

    Shorten harvest time by 25% or more, which in turn saves cost of energy and allows more grow seasons

  • Save Nutrient Usage

    Save up to 80% nutrient and water usage

  • Resilient System Design

    The system is designed with standby backup capability and can sustain plants in power outage

  • Reduce Labor Cost

    Reduce labor through computer controlled task automation

  • Protect crop losses

    Protect crop losses with real time monitoring and alerting

  • Higher Quality Harvest

    Plants are grow with aerated nutrient droplets in a pesticide-free and fungicide-free environment.

Bifarm Bud System

Bifarm Bud System

From Regular price $1,899.99

Bifarm Bud Grow Unit

Bifarm Bud Grow Unit

Regular price $299.99

Bifarm Bud Control Unit

Bifarm Bud Control Unit

Regular price $1,599.99

Dimensions & Configurations

Support up to 8 grow units

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Behind the Scenes & User Case

  • Design Basics of Bifarm Bud

    Wanjun Gao

    Bifarm Bud is the newest member of Bifarm’s thermo-optimized smart aeroponics line. Bud features a new modular design, improved temperature-control capability, and easier assembly.

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  • Bifarm Bud Design Rationale

    Wanjun Gao

    Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the rational of the design.

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  • Testing Bifarm Aeroponics with AeroKit

    Socal Sensi

    I was contacted by Bifarm on Reddit in late December after posting a picture from my most recent legal cannabis grow in California.

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